Web Design for Artists

Web Design for Artists that is personable

Web Design for Artists is an important part of what we do. These days you need a website. It loans to your professionalism and your online presence. We are here to help artists be successful in every way possible so it is only right that our web design for artists team is second to none. Check out our live preview  here http://archi.brandspout.com


A website designed around your brand can tell your entire story. Give the same creative attention you give to your music to your online presence with a personalized artist website.

Why would you need one?

Put yourself in the shoes of a potential fan and imagine searching an artist your interested in. You have to jump from social media sites to see pictures, watch videos, listen to songs and by this point the average consumer has become distracted or disinterested before they could follow and support you!


An Artist Website becomes the main hub for your brand. You give fans everything they want in one place. This makes it easy for fans to support and establishes tons of credibility for your brand.

Our Artist Website

A design focused on connection

We’ve sat down with many artist and have been fans ourselves, so we have a strong focus on developing artist/fan connections. This site creates an easy to use platform for artist to hear and see all of your projects. It allows them to connect directly with you in the most simple way possible.

Building Off Your Brand

Starting off with a professional Artist Brand that represents your unique message is the best way to get a great website. Pictures, your logo and saying the right words makes your message translate to fans in the best way possible, establishing connections and forming bonds.

Artist Branding Examples


For less than the price of a Snickers bar a day we will make you look as official online as you are in person. Don’t play yourself.

Let’s Create!

Now that you know how important it is to have a website, you may have some questions. Send us an email, one of our head web site designers would love to answer anything you can throw at us.  Oh, you should know that initial consultations are free, we guarantee all of work, and we are very passionate about what we do. Talk Soon!


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