Your time is valuable (once it’s gone you cant get it back) so we make sure to offer quality experience and products across the board for those who choose to work with us.

The Studio

What is comfort worth to you when recording? We know you need to be in a very personal space to deliver the best performance possible so instead of throwing you in front of the mic, we get a clear idea of where you want to go and help lay the path to getting there.

Studio RatesPer Hour Half Day (4 Hours)Full Day (8 Hours)
With Engineer$65$235 (Save $25)$455 (Save $65)
With Producer$180$650
Listening Session$150

See for Free

We offer every first time client the opportunity to tour our studio and receive our Mic Selection Session. This is a completely free session that allows you to test several of our mics from our collection of over 105 in house microphones. We have a bit of an obsession and we love to share!

Mixing and Mastering

  • Basic Mix
    • EQ,
    • Compression,
    • Noise Gating,
    • Reverb,
    • Delay & DeEssing using standard DAW plugins.
    • 16 Stem limit ($2 for each additional Stem).  INCLUDES TWO FREE REVISIONS.
  • Advanced Mix
    • Includes Basic Mix
    • Delay & DeEssing using industry standard plugins and Advanced mixing techniques.
    • Includes Auto Tuning and Manual Vocal Tuning. 48 Stem Limit ($3 for each additional Stem),
    • MP3 & WAV Mixdown
  • Basic Mix & Master
    • Basic Mix (see left)
    • Industry Standard Mastering (see left)
    • mp3 Mixdown

Mastering Options

Mastering is the Final and Most Important Step Before Commercial Release. Your Music is run through both Hardware and Digital Plugins to Eliminate Clicks, Pops, and Noise as well as Add, Depth, Volume without Losing Dynamic. In Other Words, We Make it Sound like a Polished Record.


5 Songs

12 Songs


Artist Branding

  • Start Up
    • Logo
    • Social Media Branding (5 Sites)
    • Artist Card Design
  • Major
    • Includes Break Out (see left)
    • Artist Card Design with 100 Prints
    • Flyer Design (template included)
    • 1 Shirt Design
    • 1 Sticker Design
    • Audio Visualizer (2 Songs)
    • In-Studio Performance Video
    • Artist Intro Video with Custom Titles
    • SAVE $125

Artist Web Design / $395

We’ve researched tons of artist websites and found out what really works for your fans. So we’ve come up with a flat fee Artist Website design that showcases your craft in a user focused format.


Guide your followers to one location that has everything they want to know about you!

Photo Shoot / $150

1 hour photoshoot with 10 edited photos delivered to you in high quality.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash payments and use Pay Pal for and card or online payments. An card processing fee and sales tax will be applied to all purchases.

What do you get when you book a session?

All first time clients are eligible for a free mic selection session. Every session booked includes a highly trained engineer that can guide you from start to finish of your song. You have the ability to select any mic from our collection of over 105 microphones. We have a full drum kit in-house, along with guitars, bass and other percussion instruments.

What is the turn around time on mix and mastering?

Mix and mastering normally takes us between 3-7 days to return the first version. However this time frame can change depending on work loads, which will be communicated.

What if I don’t need all of the service in the branding packages?

Branding packages are put together to offer the best value. The plans are flexible and items can be removed and/or swapped out. for example if you already have a logo we can subtract that from the package and the final price.

How do I send my song files to you?

All files can be sent through any data sharing service or brought in on a usb flash drive. We prefer WeTransfer for any online data sharing.

Do I lease or own the beats created when working with a producer?

This factor is determined between you (the artist) and the producer. Numerous types of agreements can be made.


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