Back To Basics Series: How To Build A Brand As An Artist

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Back To Basics Series: Build A Brand As An Artist

How to make them fall in love with you, not your product
By: Nicholas Paul LaIuppa

how to build a brand as an artist

Welcome to the Back to Basics series. In this bi-weekly series we will cover everything you need to do and understand as an artist (or even as a general business person) before you begin to really “push” or promote yourself / product. We kick it off with our first installment which acts as a precursor : How to Build a Brand As An Artist which covers

  • Transcending your product
  • What brand identity is
  • How it works
  • How to begin to think in terms of brand identity

These next tips are something that we wish more artists knew. However, we understand that most don’t, so it now becomes our jobs to teach.

The first thing to understand when beginning to build a brand as an artist is:  it’s not all about your music. Your music is just the product. You; the person creating the music, you are the marketable asset. Let us take a look at any recognizable brand you can think of today; Nike, Coca Cola, Google, or Kanye West even. They all have one thing in common, brand identity. As soon as you hear the name a lot of feelings get conjured up all at once. That is because they have all done two key things; (1) built upon a reputation in which you know EXACTLY what you’re going to get every single time you interact with them, and (2) they have transcended their products. What do you mean they have transcended their products? Let me give you some examples; Nike doesn’t sell shoes anymore, they sell inspiration, and passion, and drive. You can see it in their tag line, “Just Do It.” It sells you a feeling not a shoe. If all they sold was apparel their tag line may read something like “The Greatest Apparel Ever.” As you can see a tagline like that limits them to just clothes, but a company revolving around ideas like “Just Do It” creates a lifestyle that people who don’t even like “sporty” apparel can attach themselves too.

Build a brand

The same can be said for  Coca Cola. Today they don’t sell strictly soda related products; they sell something that brings people together, something you can share, and something that we all can find common ground upon. Kanye West doesn’t sell music he sells a show. He sells innovation; he has aligned himself with being on the forefront of fashion, lifestyle and art, he now sells the next best thing.

This is the thing that is going to give you longevity in your careers. Most artists are thinking too small which is ironic in a field like art where anything and everything is possible. So we pose the question, why sell just your music when you can transcend your music and build a brand and movement like the greats of the world? Why be boxed in? Why not think bigger?

Most people will say its hard, and we’re not here to sugar coat things, it is hard.. but its more about working smarter than it is working harder. In the next post we will cover the ways in which you can Identify and create a brand around yourself. Then we will move into the ways in which you can develop the brand, hone your audience, and make it grow.

Until next time /// Dream Big – Nick

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