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We would love to answer any questions, comments, or concerns you may have. Drop us a line and we’ll get right back to you. Also, feel free to give us a call if you want. We’d love to hear your voice šŸ˜‰

1547 North Florida Mango Road West Palm Beach Florida 33409

The Dream Team

We know, it’s cliche! But it rhymes so it must be right.

  • Anthony M. Heising
    Anthony M. Heising Partner/Lead Creative

    Anthony has a creative thumb that has pushed each of Dream Machines projects to the professional level. He has a super focus on detail and end product vision. Throw any out of this world idea at him and he will find a way to make it with the available resources without sacrificing creativity.

  • Milher Demesmin
    Milher Demesmin Partner/Lead Audio Engineer

    Milher Has over 15 years of experience as an audio engineering. He is also a producer, composer, and engineer. Over the years Milher has developedĀ  microphones, preamps, design unique circuit boards, and modified vintage analogue equipment.

  • Nick P. LaIuppa
    Nick P. LaIuppa Parnter/Lead Media

    Nick LaIuppa knows how to dream big, but act small. He’s emphasis on timely delivery and personal organization shows through into Dream Machines own core values. He leads by doing and builds lasting relationships.

  • Dylan
    Dylan Studio Manager/Engineer

    Dylan is a Full Sail graduate that joined our team in the beginning of August as an intern. 3 months later, on November 4th, Dylan joined our team as our first employee! Dylan shows great passion for music, communication when working with clients, and skills in making artists comfortable.Ā  All of these qualities have made him a strong member of our team early on.

  • Brooks Wagner
    Brooks Wagner Audio Engineer

    Brooks Wagner came to us from busy streets of Iowa. He graduated from SAE Chicago and brings a modern sound to the Machine. Brookes not only engineers but he is also an active artist, creating modern popular music.

  • Billy Eustaches
    Billy Eustaches Interning Engineer

    Billy attending our studio while taking a Recording Academy program. We loved having him around so much that we offered him an internship! Billy is an acting artist and has been in the industry for over 15 years. He offers suppourt and knowledge to every client he interacts with.

  • John Toohey
    John Toohey Marketing

    John is a current marketing student at FGCU on the east coast of Florida. John expresses extraordinary passion for all things marketing & coffee. His drive, brain power, and time management skills have made him a huge asset to our company and to the clients we serve.

  • Molly LaIuppa
    Molly LaIuppa Stu Dog

    Molly is a major foodie! She loves to accompany you when ever you are eating and sing you beautiful ruffs and runs. You can find Molly vacuuming the floor for free samples and/or sleeping.

  • Ollie Heising
    Ollie Heising Stu Dog/Photo Assistant

    Ollie is a Bark Academy graduate. He offers boundless amounts of cuteness and is our photography assistant. He loves to be in everybody’sĀ  pictures even if they don’t ask for him. Find him sleeping all day or waiting for someone to pet him.


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