Sean Toner

An Trippy Artist Brand Identity for an Alternative Hip/Hop Artist.

Project Duties: Brand Identity, Logo/Icon, Promo Card, Artist Website, Photography.

Sean Toner was a Recording client of ours for a while so we got to know him as a person very well before we started his branding process. This is a rare gift as we had a clear vision about who Sean is and what he represents.


Sean is an eclectic artist with strong values on his vision for a fulfilling life, the struggles in-between moments of self discovery and channeling his spirituality. We knew that the majority of Sean’s project was this mind-bending journey of a young adult finding himself so we took that idea and ran with it.


The elements of his brand identity would be anything that made you feel a little uneasy like you were dropped into the thick of it. We also wanted it to have a sense of comfort to say “you are not alone on this journey” so we went with trippy images and warm colors.

Logo & Brand Identity

Sean’s logo didn’t call for a specific icon so we kept it to a logo type that would tell the story. We decided on a grungy, thick brush type face that evoked a sense of turmoil and tribulation. This simple logo type did just that.


Artist Website

We plugged Sean’s brand into our user focused Artist Website design. We kept everything clean and simple here, getting the story of Sean Toner across to the fans as efficiently as possible, all the while staying attractive.

The Breakdown

Sean Toner’s site starts off with a very provocative image of confusion and an internal battle. This image was put together by our graphics team using multiple elements, layers and an image from Sean’s photo shoot in the Dream Machine. Next to his artist bio is a head shot of him thinking deeply, adding to the brands message of a journey. In the following section is one of his singles followed by tour dates and a contact form.

Photo Shoot

When Sean came in we told him to be himself as much as possible and to channel the inner journey he was taking. This gave us plenty of great shots to work with!

These shots helped is build all other parts of the brand such as the Artist Website and the Social Media Branding.

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