Mister Singletary

A Sophisticated Artist Brand Identity for an R&B Singer/Producer.

Project Duties: Brand Identity, Logo/Icon, Promo Card, Artist Website, Animated Video Intro, In-Studio Performance, Social Media Branding, Photography

Mario Singletary came to us to create a suave, elegant and attractive idenity for his Artist Brand. To start he wanted a logo/icon that would have people thinking he is the James Bond of R&B.

Logo & Brand Identity

We instantly had an image in our minds to go with the brand Mister Singletary was looking for. We knew from roman architecture and the buildings that stood the test of time, while inspiring power, were built with marble. Whats more powerful than just plain marble, black marble. So we implemented this image of strength and solidarity throughout the brand. We also chose to source our color scheme from the marble which would be black, white, gray and a touch of gold.

We started the logo process by going through our fonts and narrowing them down to the ones that said “smooth special agent that sings sensual sounds!”

Mister Singltary Font Selection

We decided to go with an elegant serif font (third from the top) because before we even designed the icon it already had a clear feeling of class and prestige.


Logo Concept

The initial concept was to make a very simple yet recognizable symbol. We had the superman “S” in our minds since it was so highly recognized, so we took that concept and added some classy Mister Singletary to it.


Logo Creation

The creation process started off by using a similar “S” symbol from the font we selected. The “S” was not perfectly symmetrical on the horizontal line where we would be splitting it so we recreated the top half and reflected it to create the bottom half. Then we put them together and had the shape we needed.


Logo Completion

After adding the elements from our concept, we ended with a simple “S” icon that included the powerful noun “Mister” to further enforce Mister Singletary’s masculinity.


Artist Promo Card

With our “print is not dead” idea, we recommended Mister Singletary have an Artist Promo Card. We know how common it is to share instagram accounts and be on your way, but having something physical to leave in the hands of a potential fan shows them that you have a powerful brand.


With this card we included the strong black marble image with nothing but the logo on the front side. On the back we kept it very clean with a solid black background and a simple line boarder. We added only necessary contact information to not over whelm the viewer.


Artist Website

We plugged Mister Singletary’s brand into our user focused Artist Website design. We kept everything clean and simple here, getting the story of Mister Singletary across to the fans as efficiently as possible, all the while staying attractive.


The Breakdown

Clean marble image and logo in the header lets fans know where they are and the elegance of the brand. Next is an image of Mister Singletary, shot in the Dream Machine during his photo shoot, and an edited short bio that doesn’t overwhelm the reader but gives them an interesting read. Then we have the interview video shot in the Dream Machine to further engage with fans. Last we have a mailing list for upcoming shows and a simple contact form.


Social Media Branding

To tie the brand together across all accessible platforms we always recommend Social Media Branding. This means we create custom headers and profile images to match your brand. This helps fans know they are on the official page of a particular artist.


We used the photos from Mister Singletary’s photo shoot. A clean white background and his logo in the middle to show a clean, elegant image.


Animated Logo

We broke down Mister Singletary’s logo into a few separate elements and animated them to come together in a smooth movement. This adds to brand value when viewed by fans as an extra mile to translate product quality.


Performance Video

Mister Singletary’s performance video was shot in our in-house video studio. We used a clean white back drop and had him in his all white suit to offer a throwback feeling to the high times of 90’s R&B. He performed flawlessly and brought the emotion to the viewers.

Interview Video

Video has become the most engaging form of content on the internet and we know how important it is in the process of connecting to an artist’s following. That’s why we recommended Mister Singletary do an in depth interview behind the creation and meaning of his up coming album. This allows followers to get a “face to face” moment with the artist and deepen their connection.

Photo Shoot

We helped Mister Singletary capture some of his different personalities with a photo shoot in the Dream Machine. To stick with the brand we shot primarily in front of a black backdrop with some white backdrop shots.


These shots helped is build all other parts of the brand such as the Artist Website and the Social Media Branding.

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