An Edgy Artist Brand Identity for an Alternative Rap Artist.

Project Duties: Brand Identity, Logo/Icon, Promo Card, Artist Website, Photography, Audio Visualizer.

Archi came to us with a broad view of what he wanted to portray to the music world. Our first task was to put him through our brand discovery program to narrow down his options to one all encompassing brand that spoke directly to his target market.


The first part of this is a detailed questionnaire, a current brand evaluation and few activities that help the artist get to the bottom of who they are and what they represent.


Once we completed this process we were clear on Archi’s brand vision. We would create an edgy identity that was alternative to the general rap genre.

Logo & Brand Identity

For Archi’s brand we wanted to add powerful graphic elements, so we focused on creating imagery that would give a psychedelic feel. Sourcing from artist of the late 60’s and early 70’s we came up with a plan to incorporate double exposures throughout the brand. Our color selection was earthy tones with rich gradients and the use of white to make elements pop.

We started the logo process by going through our fonts, looking to add an element of modernism in our decidedly vintage inspired concepts.


We decided to go with a very clean sans-serif font that had modern design written (typed in this case) all over it. So we chose the clean and light font in the middle to battle our busy imagery.

Logo Concept

Archi requested something very simple that contained the letter “A” so we got to work on making a very unoriginal letter unique.

Logo Creation

The creation process started off by mocking up a few “A” symbols that had some simple tweaks to allow them to stand out. We also went in a geometric/tribal inspired direction on one of the concepts.

Logo Completion

After narrowing down the concepts, Archi decided on the double lined “A.” We cleaned up the edges and had our finished logo.


Artist Promo Card

With our “print is not dead” idea, we recommended Archi have an Artist Promo Card. We know how common it is to share instagram accounts and be on your way, but having something physical to leave in the hands of a potential fan shows them that you have a powerful brand.


To match Archi’s brand we went with a kaleidoscope effect of a dark picture of clouds. This made something that was really interesting to look at and it draws attention to the center where we placed his logo. On the back side we used an image of Archi shot in the Dream Machine, keeping it simple with only necessary contact information.


Artist Website

We plugged Archi’s brand into our user focused Artist Website design. We kept everything clean and simple here, getting the story of Archi across to the fans as efficiently as possible, all the while staying attractive.

The Breakdown

The website opens up with an interesting double exposure of Archi. The natural toned gradient sets the mood for the brand and gets first time viewers comfortable to see more. An edgy head shot next to his bio allows fans to expect something different from him as an artist. His single is included on the site in its on section to provoke fans to listen. The site ends with live shows, snap chat link and a contact form.

Audio Visualizer

Since Archi had completed a single in the Dream Machine, he needed an interesting visual to release along side the song. Without the time to produce a full music video we recommended a Custom Audio Visualizer. We built Archi’s from scratch making sure every element from the background to the thin lined visualizer spoke to his brand.


Photo Shoot

Archi came in to shoot high quality photos to be used throughout his branding. We told him to com by in his best outfits and he brought in a big hat!

These shots helped is build all other parts of the brand such as the Artist Website and the Social Media Branding.

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